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About Us

At Go Kids! we recognise that keeping children active plays a key role in promoting physical and mental well being to growing children, and this coupled with parents becoming increasingly concerned about allowing children to play unsupervised for reasons such as 'stranger danger' and the uncertainty of the activities being undertaken, has stimulated to the development of Go Kids!.

A massive 12,500 square foot building packed to the rafters with fun and adventerous activities for children, whilst a welcoming, quality environment for parents to enjoy watching their children develop their skills at play.

Keeping children happy

Physical Development - Go Kids! offers great play value to promote physical activity and encourage exercise in a controlled and safe environment. The play equipment is cleverly designed to encourage physical activities including - sliding, crawling, balancing, swinging, bouncing, squeezing, hand eye coordination, ball skills, etc, everything a developing child would expect to experience at play.

Mental Development - Go Kids! offers play features to promote mental stimulation and intrigue with interactive light and sound features, interactive dwell areas, make belief activities, art and craft areas, dressing up, story time, social interaction

Parties - Go Kids! is famous for hosting exciting memorable birthday and special event parties.

Keeping adults happy

Quality, clean, welcoming environment with great food and beverage offering and importantly good line of sight to allow the parent to interact with their children or relax knowing their children are safe because they can see them at play.

Quality of design - Our play equipment has been designed and manufactured to the latest highest standard BS8409:2002 by the UKs leading manufacturer of indoor play equipment, House of Play Limited.