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Terms and Conditions

Thanks for booking your party at Go Kids!, please take a couple of minutes to study the following to make your visit more enjoyable.


By now you should have secured your party booking with the payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit. Please note, the balance is required to be paid at least 7 days prior to the party along with final numbers. This final payment is non-refundable. We have the ability to take card payments over the telephone for your convenience.

We must receive final numbers 7 days before your party. Additional party guests not included in the final numbers who turn up on the day will be subject to a £2 surcharge per child. Additional guests need to be notified to us at the very latest 24 hours before the commencement of the party. Additional guests arriving on the day may not be accommodated although Go Kids! will make every effort to do so.

All payments made to Go Kids! are non-refundable and we are unfortunately unable to make any refunds for guests who do not turn up on the party day.

Party extras are available to enhance your child's party experience -
Adult Sharing platters, punch balloons, party bags, photographs and HD video, Candy & Gizmo personal appearance. Please ask for details on contents and pricing.

All extras are subject to availability

Additional party invitations can be collected from Reception.

Your party day has arrived!

As party organiser, please ensure you arrive some 10 minutes before the party is due to start to allow us to confirm your Guest list and prepare to welcome your party guests. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time (not too early!) where they will be directed to their seating area.

Should your guests bring children that are not attending the party they will be required to pay the normal entrance price. Your party will last 2 hours. Please ensure once your 2 hours have finished you vacate the party area and building.

On arrival you will be allocated a party host who will begin your party. There may be another host who will take the party for their activity session if appropriate and for their Food. The party host is there to ensure the smooth running of the party and to be your point of contact should you require assistance. However, they will not be in close attendance throughout the duration of your party but if you do require assistance please speak to any of the Go Kids! team and we will be happy to assist.

The parents will be taken to their VIP seating, where they can sit until the party is due to eat (Please use this area, especially during busy periods) 3 tables will be reserved for this purpose and this area seats approx. 12. Please ensure you do not occupy other reserved seating areas and if you find 3 tables is not sufficient for your needs your guests are welcome to sit in the main café area. We ask due to Health & Safety regulations please do not move extra tables into this area. Playtime will last 60 mins for Pirate, Princess, Go Kart, Go Games and Disco Party and 90 mins for The Go Kids! Party and Toddler Party.

After the playtime, the party host will make a tannoy announcement to gather the children. All announcements will ask the children to gather in the reserved seating area or the party area. For Activity parties the announcement will gather children for 30 mins for your chosen activity, followed by 30 mins for food. You will then have use of our party area.

Party food served is a hot and cold buffet and this is self-service. A dessert is NOT provided as standard but should you require one please speak to a member of the team and this can be added at an extra cost.

Adult party platters that have been purchased will be served during your 2 hour party duration – unfortunately specific timescales cannot be confirmed as to when these will be served as this depends on how busy the Play Centre is. We will however endeavour to serve your adult platters at the same time as your children eat.

As the children are sitting down to eat the Party Host will bring out your birthday cake (if you have provided one) and sing happy birthday to the child. This ensures all children are in attendance to sing happy birthday. This will also allow us to place your birthday cake in your party bags if you are providing them or if Go Kids! are providing them for you (at an extra cost). Due to H&S reasons please advise whether you do not wish the birthday cake with lighted candles to be placed in front of your child during the cake celebration.

Party bags (if you have purchased them from Go Kids!) and any other party extras such as punch balloons will be given to you at the end of the party.

What must be done 7 days before the party

Final numbers for party
Final payment

What to bring on the day

Your party bags if you are not purchasing them through us
Your birthday cake & candles
Your children
The rest is down to us, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Socks MUST be worn at all times by children and Adults!

It is recommended that children wear Long Sleeves and Full Length Trousers, as the slides, particularly the Drop slide, can cause Friction burns! Nylon (Tracksuits and Football shirts) are particularly dangerous.

Car parking

Go Kids! has a private car park infront of the main entrance doors, additional parking can be found as you enter through the white gates to the side of the building. Please only use the disabled spaces if you are displaying the appropriate badges. Vehicles and contents are left entirely at owner's risk.

Food allergies

If any of your Guests have food allergies or particular dietry preferences please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate these needs. We cannot guarantee our products are free from traces of nuts, wheat or dairy.

General rules

Adults and children entering Go Kids! must not be suffering from any sicknesses or contagious conditions. Go Kids! reserve the right to refuse entry. If illness pertains to the birthday child Go Kids! will reschedule your party at a mutually convenient date.

Only food and drink purchased in Go Kids! may be consumed on the premises – please note bringing "extra" food for your party is not allowed.

Please note children must be 5 years and over to take part in the Laser Party.

When booking a disco party please advise us on what type of music your child would prefer – traditional party such as "Agadoo and Macarena" or general chart music. Please note that during your Disco party your party host is not an entertainer and is there purely to supervise children in the disco room. Therefore the success of the disco party is heavily reliant on the children and whether they will dance. Adults may join in to encourage participation however the maximum capacity of the room is 35. Discos are held in the Sensory Room.

Children should always be supervised by their parent's or another responsible adult. It is advised to have one parent for every 5 children. For toddler parties there should be one parent/adult to every one child. Go Kids! 'Rules of Play' apply at all times and these can be found on the play equipment.

Go Kids! will be open to other members of the public unless you have chosen the Laser (for the last hour) or VIP party (please ask for more details) Children are not permitted to re-enter the play area after finishing in the party room unless this is within the 2 hour timeslot.

Please consider the privacy of other guests at Go Kids! when taking photographs or filming the party

Thankyou, please call if you have any questions or concerns – 0151 486 9374 - and we hope you have a great time!

The Go Kids! Team